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Freelance, Remote --- Editor-For-Hire

January 2017 - Present
2 years of professional editing for comics across both online and print platforms, providing consultation and revision suggestions through extensive and robust knowledge of sequential art for over 70 clients. Clients include both publishers and individuals, and projects that have been nominated for both Eisner and McDuffie-Awards.

Freelance, Remote --- Community Organizer

August  2017 - Present

Helped organize community projects related to comics, including Helsinki Zine Fest (2017),  Icecon (2018), and Bjór & Blöð (2018-present), focusing on organization and moderation of convention panels.

Freelance, Remote --- Comics Writing
March 2015 - Present

Established comics creator with 4 years of experience, including contributions to anthologies like WE’RE STILL HERE (2017) and ESCAPE FROM BITCH MOUNTAIN (2018).

Miðlun, Iceland --- Sales Representative
October 2018 - May 2019
Sales representative at a call centre focusing on donation drives for charities and nonprofits, specializing in the Icelandic chapter of the suicide-centre organization Pieta. Regularly topped the cold-list amount during shifts, which required expert communication skills, as well as a generous amount of charisma.


  • Icelandic (Native)

  • English  (Native)



  • Editing and consultation

  • Comics Writing

  • Project coordination

  • Community organizing


  • Helsinki Zine Fest (2017)

  • Flamecon (2018)

  • Icecon (2018)


Tedx Reykjavík

Gave a TEDx Talk on the subject of how a multitude of mediums, such as comics and video games, might help students with learning disabilities understand subjects better.

2018 — Organizer/Moderator

Helped organize one of Iceland’s first literary conventions from 2016 to 2018, as well as moderating a panel on the subject of disability in speculative fiction.


2018 —  Workshop organizer

Worked as a guest of Flamecon on a small workshop/lecture on the realities of creators working in freelance, regarding commission, prices and other related concepts.

"For two semesters now, I’ve assigned Atla’s twitter feed as required reading in my TV Writing classes. I remain crazy jealous of the ability to succinctly analyze characters into nuanced, clear, and living things that cross genre and media.” 

Zac Hug, Professor of TV Writing, UCLA Extension.

"Atla went above and beyond when reviewing and editing Further vol 2. From her review and feedback, it was clear that she took a nuanced look of the story not just at a structural level, but also made a genuine effort to connect with what I was trying to say with the story to bring out the best.

After working with Alta I feel like I not only have a much stronger story in Further, but have become a stronger writer as a whole.

Holly Adkins, Author of the webcomic Further

"When I called Atla in to help out with the script I was at a point where burnout from overworking, hesitation, and insecurity in my work made me feel like my rewrites were deteriorating the quality of my writing. To my luck, she pin-pointed out all the problems I had with the script and gave me a load of guidance that helped me out making it better.

You're not only hiring an editor to look at your work when you hire her, but also a mentor that will show you equal care and passion to your work as you do. You will learn a lot working with her."

Asatiir, Developer of Roses Will Rise

"Atla was so important during the writing of the Carpet Merchant vol. II."

Reimena Ashel Yee, Creator of Eisner-nominated series The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya

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